Thank you for your interest in Professional Accounts. Young Living is a universally known, household name that is revered and respected for the countless benefits it brings to humanity. For 25 years, Young Living has been the world leader in essential oils. We invite you to be part of raising the quality in your industry, one drop at a time. Young Living offers professional and commercial establishments special access to the purest essential oils available at a Professional Account discount from retail cost. This program is a direct sales channel created for businesses & organizations that would like to use and/or resell our products in a professional and/or commercial setting. 

Please read over this information and if you have any further questions let me know. You can apply for this program by submitting the required documents listed in the attachment “Professional Account Required Business Documents”.

  • Professional Accounts receive a 40% discount off of the retail cost of all of our products.
  • There are no monthly minimums or fees to open a Professional Account.
  • Starter Kits are not available to Professional Accounts, all other Young Living products available for purchase.
  • Professional Accounts cannot sponsor other accounts, it is just an account for purchasing product with (interested in doing both? Look into having Sister Accounts!).
  • Professional Accounts that are reselling our products must price the products at least 10% above the wholesale cost.
  • There are no Essential Rewards, Autoships, Bonuses or Promotions for Professional Accounts
  • Professional Account are currently only available in the US Market.
  • No selling on E-Bay or Amazon or similar public sales websites.
  • No Regional or National Retail Chains (does the business have multiple locations? That’s a chain!).

Application for an account occurs when the required documents are submitted for review.

There is currently a 1 week turnaround on new account requests. Please note, there are more requirements for sign-up than just the application, please make sure to review the attachment “Professional Account Required Business Documents”.

Interested Professional customers should submit their documents to us directly. Please include this information with the application:

• The name and contact information of the owner of the business.

• Do you already have an exciting Membership with Young Living? Please disclose the existing account number and in cases like these where the business owner will have two accounts, the accounts will be marked as Sister Accounts to each other. 

• The Legal name of the business

Professional Accounts now have the ability to order online!

Once the Professional Account is set up, we will send out an e-mail confirmation to the business owner and will include the account number, PIN#, Order Template, Professional Price List & PDF Product Guide and ordering instructions.

To complete the online application or for additional information, please visit:
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